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New: Fibrecontrol update

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FibreControl, the 100% Acacia fiber prebiotic supplement and one of the most successful products in our range will be offered in 2 sizes as of November. Besides the current 200 gram packaging a more economical 450 gramm tub will be offered.

Latest product innovation:

FibreControl Metabolic is the latest development in our product line. Supplying dietary fibre from various sources and including Naxus®, the branded ingredient by BioActor BV, FibreControl Metabolic is more than just any prebiotic. Containing 375 mg of Beta-Glucans (from locally cultivated Agaricus bisporus mushroom) per serving and the arabinoxylan extract from Naxus® FibreControl Metabolic induces a profound microbiome-mediated immunomodulatory effect. Specific patterns of short-chain fatty acids production result in a more vigilant immune system. Clinical studies have shown proven effects on immune health and glycaemic control, preventing sugar spikes.