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Liposomal Vitamin B12

Product No. 400
100 ml
Vitamin B12 2,500 mcg
2,500 mcg vitamin B12 per 2,5 ml
Contributes to the formation of red blood cells
Promotes the energy metabolism
Helps with the functioning of the nerves
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Vitamin B12 is a liquid product that contains 2,500 mcg per 2.5 ml. It’s a hypoallergenic product with a base of sunflower lecithin. Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin and contributes to the formation of red blood cells, is good for mitosis and promotes the metabolism of energy. In addition, it has a positive influence on the immune system. Vitamin B12 also helps with fatigue, mental exertion and the functioning of the nerves.

The benefits of liposomal supplements
When we utilize nutrients we want them to be absorbed by the body as well as possible. Some nutrients are known to have poor absorption, such as curcumins, the active constituents of Curcuma longa. Liposomal delivery can be a solution to this problem. They are readily absorbed across the mucosal tissues, so there is no concern about nutrients breaking down in the gastrointestinal tract, for they will directly be transported to our cells and tissues.
Liposomes are similar to the membranes of the human body. They both consist of a double layer of phospholipids which means they are compatible to each other. In fact they are so similar that they can fuse together. So if one adds a medicine or nutrient to a liposome, a very effective absorption arises. Due to these very special transportation characteristics, liposomes are being used in pharmaceuticals for quite some time already. Research has shown liposomal delivery leads to significantly higher levels of the active constituents in serum and tissue.

What are liposomes?
The name derives from the Greek words Lipos (fat) and Soma (body). They are microscopic fatty balls with a membrane that consists of a double phospholipid layer in which fat-soluble nutrients can be transported. In the nucleus of the liposome, there is a hydrophilic environment through which water-soluble nutrients, like vitamin C can be stored.
Liposomal supplements are a great alternative for people that suffer from a wide array of digestive issues, for whom the absorption of vitamins and minerals can by severely impaired. People who are having trouble swallowing pills or capsules would also benefit from liposomal. Vitaplex liposomal formulations do not contain any known allergens and are classified as hypoallergenic.

Vitaplex’s liposomal products:
• An improved absorption and higher blood levels
• Offer a solution for nutrient delivery in people with digestive problems
• Are a solution for people having issues with swallowing pills and capsules
• Are all hypoallergenic
• Require a lower dosage because of increased absorption rate

Allergens: Contains no known allergens
1/2 scoop (2.5 ml) contains:
Vitamin B12 (as hydroxycobalamin) 2,500 mcg

Ingredients: water, xylitol, sunflower lecithin, glycerine, thickening agent (xanthan), preservative (potassium sorbate), hydroxocobalamin, antioxidant (d-alpha-tocopherol), flavoring (apricot-vanilla flavoring)

Allergens: Contains no known allergens

Take 1 spoon = 2.5 ml once a day. Can also be dissolved in water or juice

Allergens: Contains no known allergens