About Vitaplex

Vitaplex offers a range of hypoallergenic pure products of pharmaceutical quality that completely forgo artificial additives, and has been doing so for more than 15 years. Vitaplex was founded to offer biochemically active substances that were not available in the market for finished products. The industry has changed tremendously over the years but the demand for high quality products remains.

Vitaplex has always maintained a top position in this niche market. In correspondence with customer demand the brand has grown consistently and continues to add new products to the product line.

The products can be nutritionally supportive for a variety of indications or simply for better health. The preparations exhibit a high bioavailability and are available in drops, capsules, tablets or powder form.

Vitaplex also has a range of high-quality amino acids, as well as antioxidants and orthomolecular specialties, using high-quality raw materials obtained from world-leading producers.


Our mission is to offer vital substances of the finest pharmaceutical quality for optimal health, to support customers with diagnostics, information and products, and to promote health awareness.


Our vision is to optimise health with high quality products to enable nutritionally support for the healing process and prevention.

Quality comes first

Vitaplex makes pure products with a high bioavailability and only uses natural ingredients. The purity of these ingredients ensures a high bioavailability, allowing the body to easily absorb the substances. Vitaplex successfully distinguishes itself with genuine, high-quality raw materials, transparent and ethical business policies, including strictly non-GMO ingredients.

Committed to innovation

Vitaplex follows the latest developments in the industry, and continuously searches to add innovative products. Our commitment is to serve and satisfy our growing customer demand by producing high-quality amino acids, antioxidants and other orthomolecular supplements.

Connected and passionate about care

We care about your health. Vitaplex specialists support you with the most relevant scientific product information available.