Our experts

Surely our dedicated team is very familiar with our products. Here are some quotes about their favourite products.

”My personal favorite is CoQ10. I have a busy lifestyle, I often do sports, and my dog demands many walks from me. This is what gives me the right boost.” Simone Timmerman
‘’Vitaplex melatonin is the perfect solution for me to combat a jetlag when I have to fly to the USA. Before I got acquainted with melatonin, my rhythm was completely disturbed, yet now that I am using melatonin I am getting back to my usual biorhythm super fast. To me this is an absolute travel must-have.’’ Patrick Engels
“I used to feel exhausted and somewhat depressed for a long time. So I did a blood test and found out I had an extreme lack of vitamin D. Vitaplex Vitamin D3 was my personal solution to build up my blood levels. Now I have the energy I need again and I feel like I can take on the world.” Roxy Watson
“According to the customers the price quality ratio of Vitamin D3 in 3.000 IU is unbeatable. It is always nice to get such positive feedback!” Tanja Hommen