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Vitaplex FibreControl contains acacia fibre from certified organic Acacia Senegal. Acacia fibre contains about 90% soluble fibre and is an excellent prebiotic for our gut flora.

To feed themselves optimally, our gut microbiota need certain fibres, in order to produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFA), such as butyric acid, which are essential for human health. Butyric acid is an important energy supplier for our intestinal epithelial cells, over which we need to take in the micro- and macronutrients supplied by our diet. An energy demanding process.

Numerous studies have shown that we live in symbiosis with our gut flora (microbiome) and that we can improve our health by promoting butyrate-forming bacteria groups. This is reflected, among other things, in lower inflammatory parameters and improved tolerance of the immune system. A daily intake of 10 grams of acacia fibre showed a significant growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in contrast to the sucrose substrate.

Our modern diet contains little fibre compared to the traditional diet. Simple sugars and low-fibre starch products are an increasing part of our daily diet. This has an effect on the well-being of the gut microbiota and therefore on our health. Apart from the obvious benefits for the gut flora, soluble fibres have also shown to have a beneficial effect on the glucose balance. Glucose is absorbed more gradually, resulting in stable blood sugar levels. A well balanced blood sugar level is one of the main goals in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. It leads to decreased release of the vascular damaging hormone insulin and can help to reduce the urge for high sugar snacking. Thus it could also contribute to weight control and play a role in prevention of type II diabetes.

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