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R (+) Lipoic Acid Complex

Product No. 170
60 vegetarian capsules
100 mg of bioactive R-lipoic acid
100 mg of bioactive R-lipoic acid
Supports mitochondrial energy production
Helps restoring other antioxidants like glutathione
May support blood sugar regulation
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Alpha-lipoic acid is a sulphur-containing vitamin-like compound (vitaminoid). It is an important multifunctional antioxidant that is both effective in water as well as in a fat-soluble environment. Alpha-lipoic acid can be used to convert glutathione again in its active form (recycle), and is of interest for the carbohydrate metabolism. Tissues that are particularly rich in alpha-lipoic acid are tissues with intensive metabolism, such as the brains, heart and liver.

Foods contain only minor amounts of alpha-lipoic acid. The natural R (+) form is characterised by a high biological availability and has the ability to stimulate glucose uptake into the skeletal muscle.

This product provides 100 mg of R (+) alpha-lipoic acid combined with 300 mg of the so called racemic mixture to optimize serum levels. Now in stomach acid resistant capsules for enhanced bio-availability.  It is a pure pharmaceutical product with no artificial additives.

Allergens: Contains no known allergens
1 capsule contains:
Alpha-Liponsäure 300 mg
R-alpha-Liponsäure 100 mg

Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, R (+) alpha-lipoic acid, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

Allergens: Contains no known allergens

1 capsule or as required. Preferably 30 minutes before a meal. Do not take simultaneously with a zinc supplement.

Allergens: Contains no known allergens